Appreciative Interview

Appreciative Interview

Instructions: Thank you for taking your time to be interviewed today. We are going to engage in this interview using what are called Appreciative Questions. The appreciative questions are designed to focus on the positive - to bring out positive stories and positive emotions. I encourage you to focus mainly on the positive as you share your story. If you can't think of a response for a particular question, we can skip it and move on to the next question. The questions are not meant to be rigid instructions; they are meant to generate meaningful stories.
  • Discovery Phase

    The discovery phase identifies and appreciates the best of “what already is” at Mission Possible. These questions hope to evoke thoughtful reflection on the “best of the past”and to consider the underlying factors, forces and conditions that helped make the best happen.
  • Dream Phase

    The dream phase expands people’s sense of “what might be.” We now invite you to use your knowledge and excitement about the personal experiences unearthed from the Discovery questions to imagine what could be an ideal future. In the dream phase, we imagine new dimensions, outcomes, and results.
  • Design Phase

    The design phase begins the transformation from these stories, dreams, ideas, and feelings to actions and changes. Here, we want you to consider the ideas and images from the Discovery and Dream stages and think of actionables to help Mission Impossible realize new heights of engagement.
  • Destiny Phase

    The Destiny Phase is to ensure that our shared dreams can be realized through a “blueprint” or desired actions/outcomes. To do this, we will move our conversation to specific action planning, scenario building, and role allocation

Thank you so much for your participation!

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