Our Board

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.”

Please feel free to contact anyone on the board with questions, comments or concerns!

Vision Board

David Margiotta – Chairperson of the Board –¬†dmargiotta@agscg.com

John Lawrence – Vice Chairperson of the Board – jon.lawrence@ml.com

Eva Dolan – Ad Hoc Chairperson – EvaDolan@me.com

Mike Lynch – Board Treasurer; Finance Chair – michaelynch@roadrunner.com

Gary Mock – Construction Chair – gary.mock@bp.com

Diane Graham – Family Health and Wellness Chair – dgrahamflowers@gmail.com

Sarah Krieger – Communications Chair and Mission Life Co-Chair –¬†skrieger@missionpossible.us

Father Andy Turner – Mission Life Co-Chair – aturner@dioceseofcleveland.org

Joel Hampton – Sustainability Chair – ccexec1@aol.com

Kathy Krieger – Fundraising Chair – kathy.krieger@pepsico.com

Michele Sumner- Board Secretary – msumner@stambrose.us

Advisers to the Board

Father Bob Stec – Spiritual Adviser/Visionary Adviser to the Board – bstec@stambrose.us

Jake Bihari – Visionary Adviser to the Board – jbihari@stambrose.us