Water Filter

Did you know?

  • 3,000 children die daily from water causing diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe water and improper sanitation.
  • Roughly 11% of the world’s population does not have access to safe drinking water.
  • 80% of diseases in the developing world are caused by contaminated drinking water.
  • An estimated 25% of urban residents in developing countries purchase their water. In some cases it cost more than a quarter of their income.

 Families Using the Hydraid Biosand Water Filter

  • Initial cost is $80.00/per filter. There is NO maintenance cost and the filters will provide clean water for a family for 10 to 12 years.
  • The filters reduce 99.8% of deadly parasites found in the water. Improves health and strength to work, and attend school regularly.
  • Filters provide water for a family of 8-10 daily for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
  • Saves family money otherwise spent on water. This money can now be spent on food and medicine.
  • Providing education to those without access to clean water about hygiene, sanitation, and clean water sources like HYDRAID can save lives.

Checks made payable to: Mission Possible
Memo: Water Project

Mailed to:
Mission Possible
Attention: Sarah Krieger
929 Pearl Road
Brunswick, OH 44212

These filters provide an economical solution to an epic problem in our world!!

Hydraid Biosand Filter Video

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